Feb 10

Good & Plenty + Banana Nut Bread


This was the study that found men susceptible to the scent of doughnuts mingled with licorice. For women, first place for most arousing was a tie between baby powder and the combination of Good & Plenty candy with cucumber. Coming in second was a combination of Good & Plenty and banana nut bread.

In terms of meals (getting beyond scent alone) — my ideas:  sushi or tapas.  Light, small plates, that you eat with your hands for the most part…

Jan 10

Look Ma, No Hands!

This is pretty cool.  I wonder how well it works.  My daughter might be of age to try this coming summer.

Dec 09

People Don’t Remember. They Make It Up.

A funny concept that makes me think any kind of research that involves someone asking someone how they feel or think, or what they saw or did, is about as accurate as this version of Romeo and Juliet:

The show’s creators called unsuspecting people on the phone and asked them what they remembered about Shakespeare’s classic love story. The result is a hilarious mishmash of half-recalled quotes, mixed-up plot points and wild digressions — all performed in the traditional Shakespearean style.

From NPR’s Morning Edition.

Dec 09

Best Costume Ever


Dec 09

Machine Gun Photography

Kottke is on to something here.  Seems like a perfectly logical progression.

Just as the introduction of the machine gun fundamentally changed warfare, so the affordable high-resolution digital video camera will change photography. Now you don’t have to wait for exactly the right moment for the perfect shot; just take 10 minutes of HD video and find the best shots later.

Feb 09

Augmented Reality

The group, part of MIT’s Media Lab, designed a device that gathers data on the environment around the user, searches for information using the Internet as a data store, aggregates the results and presents it back to the user via a display. Think of it as a meta-data system for real life.

From Fast Company. My term for this whole field has been Augmented Reality… location awareness + wireless data streaming = a completely “marked up” world.

Jan 09


Every once in a while I come across a blog/site that, in every post, inspires me, challenges me, engages me.  S&W’s Pulse Laser, found on links from Kottke, is my source today — and about 5 posts in, the best combination of 5 posts, topics, concepts, themes yet.  How can I work with these guys?

Jan 09

I Can’t Stop Watching

Working on the Railroad

My daughter got some little picture books for Christmas with some familiar songs and rhymes.  There is a shortened verison of “Working on the Railroad” that I’m just not sure how is supposed to be sung.  In my searches for the song I came across the above Rooftop Singers performance.  For some reason I keep playing this over and over.  The highlight — when Lynne Taylor comes in huskily for the fee fi fo part.

Dec 08

The Next Step in Fantasy Football?

NFL’s Game Rewind could allow for a differentiated Fantasy Football platform.  Imagine a window for each of your fantasy starters.  Whenever they are in the red zone, or a “scoring” event happens (could be human tagged and then time delayed a few seconds),  imagine an alert and a focus around that window.  Lot’s of potential here.  I just don’t see many XP/user experience innovators as part of the organization though.  I doubt that kind of innovation will be realized.  Maybe ESPN can pull it off.

Dec 08

All That Data — So Little to Say

Google’s Zietgeist 2008 held so much promise as I clicked through from Techmeme, to Google Blog, to it.  But with all that data, this is the year end round up?  It doesn’t even qualify for the Cliff Notes version.  Google — give me unfettered access to your 2008 data, over the course of 2 weeks, and I’ll pull something a little more compelling together.  And I know–it’s about making money not understanding human behavior and generating insights.  But if you’re going to do it, why not do it Google style?