Dec 09

From A Great Height

How durable is your Kindle? I had mine in it’s optional black case. I dropped it in a way that seems would occur most frequently — oriented vertically as it is being read. It hit the bottom right corner with an audible crack. It fell about 3 feet onto a hard tile floor. The metal has a 3-4mm gouge out of it now. The front and back sections dislodged. After a few tries snapping them back together, everything seems aligned. It has been working fine for the last 5 days since the occurrence. The only hiccup, which I can’t attribute to the fall, is that the page sometimes advances on it’s own ( about once every 300 or so page flips).

I was a skeptic on the Kindle for many reasons. But after receiving one as a gift I’ve been using it quite a bit. I’m a book lover and horder. So it might be useful to document how (and if) I get comfortable using the Kindle instead of books. More to come.