Upgrading an Escalator on the CTA

What happens when you upgrade an escalator?  What are the user benefits?  Less down time?  Faster ride?  Smaller chance of shoe laces getting caught in the moving parts?

I raise these questions because of the upgrade occuring on the Washington stop of the Blue Line.  Sometime before Thanksgiving I believe, the escalator was blocked off.  Weeks later a sign was erected that said something about pardoning our dust, we are upgrading the escalator with a completion time in summer 2009.

Today I got to see why they had walled off the escalator these past months:  they were building a plywood staircase where the escalator was!  So I wonder if they are going to now tear out the concrete steps, build plywood ones there, close the other side down again, rebuild the escalator, close down the other side, rebuild the steps, then open everything up again by this summer on time and on budget!

Didn’t the head of the CTA take over the Chicago Public Schools?  I can’t wait to see the renovation projects in store.

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