Sep 10

Gmail Priority Inbox

Crazy.  I just noticed Google’s version of a my “Email AI“:  Priority Inbox.  I just configured it.  We’ll see how it goes.  Think they found my original post and developed an app in 45 days?

Feb 09

Picking Oscar Winners with Google Insights for Search

There’s no statistical rigor here — but in looking at the past 3 years of best picture winners, it seems the rate of increase in search activity in the weeks leading up to the big night coincide with the winner.

Search Interest 2006 Best Picture Nominees

Search Interest 2007 Best Picture Nominees

If this holds true, expect Slumdog or Frost/Nixon to win.  Depending on what time period you aggregate on inside of the Google tool, it appears Slumdog has the slight advantage.

Search Interest 2008 Best Picture Nominees

Feb 09

Google Trends Versus Twitter Twist Trends

Both Franz Ferdinand Tonight:Franz Ferdinand and Andrew Bird Noble Beast have released new albums in the past 30 days. I started thinking about how good they are, relative to one another.

In my initial preview I found “Tonight” to be the same old Franz — in a boring way, while “Noble Bird” was the same old Andrew in a good way. I turned to Twitter and Google to see what everyone else is thinking.

First, Google shows parity in the US across the two acts in search, with Franz Ferdinand getting substantially more news hits. Oddly, the albums were released in separate weeks and search results don’t reflect this.

Andrew versus Franz

Andrew versus Franz

The most interesting distinction through Google Trends came through the location information. I started with no regional filters. Franz Ferdinand popped very high in Croatia and other seemingly odd places. I then filtered for only in the United States.

Andrew versus Franz by location

Andrew versus Franz by location

Bird crushed Franz Ferdinand in Austin, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, and Minneapolis. FF dominated Irvine, CA and LA. Not sure what that means? Bird rocks and FF doesn’t (yes I live in Chicago).

Franz versus Andrew

Franz versus Andrew

Twitterers are making more noise about Franz Ferdinand (sorry about the color swap, blue = bird in these graphs) — though in general, the tweet rate looks low. They start to look similar over the last few days.

The real metrics here are actual listens, downloads, or sales. Based on current Amazon Sales Rank, in CD format, “Tonight” ranks #36 and “Noble Beast” ranks #94. However, as an MP3 download,”Tonight” ranks #54 and “Noble Beast” dominates at #12.

I have a few tools I can use moving forward to track this stuff in more detail. Not sure what to make out of this just yet — but interesting nonetheless.

Dec 08

I’m Still Doing the Rain Dance

Cloud computing isn’t going to dominate the tech landscape, but will raise a ruckus for software vendors. Google and Amazon will be cloud computing winners, but the spoils will be relatively small. And there’s a race to deliver a cloud developer stack for both consumers and enterprise customers.

Handicapping cloud computing: The big picture | Between the Lines | ZDNet.com.

I don’t agree with the takeaways.  They may not dominate the landscape as currently configured (might be new players and/or new manifestations), but I’ve had too many business models that are workable ONLY because of the cloud…

Dec 08

All That Data — So Little to Say

Google’s Zietgeist 2008 held so much promise as I clicked through from Techmeme, to Google Blog, to it.  But with all that data, this is the year end round up?  It doesn’t even qualify for the Cliff Notes version.  Google — give me unfettered access to your 2008 data, over the course of 2 weeks, and I’ll pull something a little more compelling together.  And I know–it’s about making money not understanding human behavior and generating insights.  But if you’re going to do it, why not do it Google style?