May 10

The Perfect Grocery List Interface

Kottke says iPad.  I think there is an equally portable and user-friendly approach:  the pad and pencil.  If all it helps you do is walk around to make a list — not a plus.  If it, instead, organizes what shops, and route through the store, based on my list — now you’re talking.  If it tries to identify things I’m almost out of and haven’t listened — win.  Otherwise — paper and pen work…

Feb 10

The Future of Analog Games

Beyond musical instrumentation, this is what I hoped would be a development path for the Surface.  Check out the D&D prototype.  Lot’s of potential here.  They are just scratching the surface though (couldn’t resist).  For instance, I’m not sure a virtual die roll should be kept.  There are much more interesting interactive dynamics that could be developed if you want to add random controls.  Regardless — watch this space.  And the iPad could really help re-invent the family board game…